Association Overview

Association Overview

Japan Culture and Taishu Engeki Association (JCTEA) carries out projects related to the promotion of Taishu Engeki (Japanese pop theatre), improves the quality of Taishu Engeki, disseminates Taishu Engeki, promotes exchange and cooperation between people involved in Taishu Engeki, and contributes to the development of Taishu Engeki culture. To facilitate the achievement of these objectives, the organisation shall implement the following activities:

1. Performances and public awareness-raising activities related to Taishu Engeki
2. International exchange programs through performances of Taishu Engeki
3. Projects to encourage friendship and mutual assistance among members
4. Improvement of the social status of Taishu Engeki
5. The training of new members of the Taishu Engeki troupes
6. Public relations initiatives related to Taishu Engeki
7. Other schemes necessary to achieve the above objectives

Articles of Incorporation

Organisation Chart

Message from Representative Director

‘Taishu Engeki represents a wonderful culture unique to Japan, and it has been a historical pastime of the common people as well as a fine entertainment that attracts people of all generations.’

Thank you for your continuous support for Taishu Engeki. Tokyo Taishu Engeki Association was renamed as Japan Culture and Taishu Engeki Association (JCTEA, as a general incorporated association) on 10 June 2022, and has been operating under new management.

Taishu Engeki represents a wonderful culture unique to Japan, and it has been a historical pastime of the common people as well as a fine entertainment that attracts people of all generations. In reality, however, it tended to give the impression that it was not easy for those who knew little about it and that it was a specialised theatre for a small group of fans. The primary aim of JCTEA is to refresh such old impressions, and to raise the awareness and status of Taishu Engeki as an integral part of Japanese culture. Our aims are to promote the development of future leaders in the industry and to generate Taishu Engeki’s international public relations activities.

In our efforts to lay JCTEA’s new framework in place, we were very grateful to receive much external assistance. We welcomed Mr. Susumu Kizawa of Susumu Kizawa Tax Accountant Office and Mr. Yukio Shimazu, Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant and Representative Director of Ichikara Co., Ltd., as JCTEA’s directors. Prof. Takahiro Takeuchi, Dean of the School of Cultural and Creative Studies, Aoyama Gakuin University, was also invited to be our consultant. Furthermore, Mr. Kousuke Nishida, who has a profound knowledge of Taishu Engeki, joined us as a Regular Member. Mr. Rui Tsubota and Mr. Kazunori Watanabe, both scriptwriters/stage directors, also participated as advisors to increase the repertoire of JCTEA’s original scripts. Ms. Mika Tsuzura, Representative Director, Tokoshie Co., Ltd., contributed to create more effective publicity and PR. Ms. Ayumi Mino was invited as the planning adviser. Mr. Jiro Shinohara, Public Consultant on Social and Labor Insurance, supported development of the working environment. Finally but not least, Mr. Ken’ichiro Tanabe of Chugaigodo Law Office assists as the legal advisor.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everybody, who has supported Tokyo Taishu Engeki Association since my father, Yoshihiro Shinohara, was its chairman. A new wave of change is underway and it is now high time for a dramatic revolution in the sphere of Taishu Engeki. Based on our pride that “Taishu Engeki is an integral part of Japanese cultural tradition”, each and every member of JCTEA will continue to cultivate new steps towards a prosperous future for Taishu Engeki. 

I am not only the Representative Director of JCTEA, but one of the biggest Taishu Engeki fans. I have high hopes for a bright future for Taishu Engeki that I love. In order for Taishu Engeki to continue to move forward towards a brighter direction, each JCTEA member will broaden our awareness and deepen our knowledge. We will keep incorporating new elements from new spheres and tirelessly continue to push ahead. We look forward to your continuing generosity, support and encouragement.

Masahiro Shinohara
Representative Director
Japan Culture and Taishu Engeki Association