Leader: Natsuki Misaki
Leader: Haruki Misaki
Leader: Akito Misaki
Vice Leader: Daiki Misaki

Gekidan Akatsuki was founded in 1983 by Tetsuya Misaki, a disciple of Sumiko Tsukuba of an Asakusa female swordplay troupe. After travelling and performing throughout Japan, in 1994, Tetsuya built a permanent theatre in Shioya-gun, Tochigi Prefecture, called Funau Kabuki Mura as Gekidan Akatsuki’s base. Gekidan Akatsuki is divided into two groups: the Funau group and the Touring group. In 2009, brothers Natsuki and Haruki Misaki became leaders of the Touring group. Natsuki and Haruki have five and three children, respectively. Akito Misaki (Natsuki’s son) assumed the title of Young Leader of the Touring group in 2015 and Leader in 2023 eventually.

As children grow up, Gekidan Akatsuki continues to attract attention for its youthful spirit and vitality, and its bright future is highly anticipated.


Co-Leader: Ryotaro Kazami
Co-Leader: Yohjiro Mitsuya

Ohga-za troupe’s history can be traced back to the Mitsuya Gekidan troupe, which was formerly known as the venerable Tokiwa Gekidan troupe established in the 1940s by the founder, Yohnosuke Tokiwa. 

In 2022, Ryotaro Kazami joined to share the leadership with the then leader, Yohjiro Mitsuya. To mark the occasion of having the dual leadership, the troupe was re-named as Ohga-za by Masahiro Shinohara (JCTEA’s Representative Director). Ohga-za’s debut performance was in August, 2022, at Yasuragi-no-yu Kawara-za theatre, Yasuda hot spring, Niigata Prefecture.

Ryotaro Kazami is well-known for his charming customer-teasing, and he stands in exquisite contrast to the tall, handsome and cool actor, Yohjiro Mitsuya. This unique combination is said to be the secret of their popularity. 

Furthermore, the unequivocal stage vitality of Haruma (Yohjiro’s younger brother) and Kakeru (Yohjiro’s first son) is said to ensure the troupe’s bright future.


Leader: Ryo Kisaki

Ryo Kisaki entered the world of Taishu Engeki at the age of 19 from an ordinary family. He endured numerous hardships such as the dissolution of the troupe and having to perform as a guest actor in other troupes. After much experience, he managed to launch his own troupe at the Kawasaki Ooshima Gekijo Hall in November 2019. He aims to create a troupe, where members are encouraged to make the most of their individual features through teamwork. He expresses, “Although I’m not from an actors’ family, I want to reassure my mother in heaven with my relentless spirit and dedication to Taishu Engeki.” The Kisaki Gekidan is also renowned for its reputable old-fashioned style plays, which he inherited from Katsujiro Higuchi, whom he looks up to as his theatrical master.


Senior Leader: Komasaburo Hasegawa
Young Leader: Yuria Nanjo

Komasaburo Hasegawa used to be called Komasaburo Nanjo as the Leader of GEKIDAN SAKIGAKE. He became independent from his uncle and master, Choji Takamine, in June 2006. He and his wife, Koryu Nanjo, launched Gekidan Komasaburo at the Radon Centre Sunny in Saitama Prefecture. At the same time, they moved their activity base to the Kanto region. Currently, Komasaburo’s eldest daughter, Yuria Nanjo, is the Young Leader, while the second daughter, Maria Nanjo, and the eldest son, Juria Hasegawa, are also renowned for their skilled performances. Komasaburo Hasegawa says, “The troupe is like a family, and we always give young members as many opportunities as possible.” In addition to Takuto Hasegawa as the star performer, Tenshu Hasegawa, who has been with Gekidan Komasaburo only for two years, boldly takes on the challenge of performing and organising shows as “the one-day leader”. High expectations are generated for the young performers.


Leader: Shuko Mizuha
Vice Leader: Yuta Mizuhiro

In 2002, Shuko Mizuha launched Gekidan Shuko when she was only seventeen. She was trained by Teruyo Wakamizu and Shigeru Wakaba, and the Chinese characters used for her surname, Mizuha, indicate her gratitude towards her trainers. At the beginning, it was difficult for the troupe to be given a chance to perform only because its leader was a woman. However, thanks to hard work of both Shuko and troupe’s members, Gekidan Shuko gradually established itself and found sponsors. In 2015, Gekidan Shuko performed to celebrate the opening of the Tachikawa Keyakiza Hall. Yuta Mizuhiro, who supports the Leader, also has many fans. They focus on plays and perform at least two new plays every month. Further progress is expected in 2022, when Gekidan Shuko celebrates its 20th anniversary.


Leader: Ren Sawamura
Guardian: Shotaro Sawamura

Shogeki was launched by Shotaro Sawamura, a son of Shotaro Sawamura I, the founder of GEKIDAN SAWAMURA (a prestigious troupe established shortly after World War II). Shotaro Sawamura’s exceptional talent as an entertainer may be due to the fact that his relatives are almost all actors. In 2000 when he was 36 years old, he resigned as the Leader of GEKIDAN SAWAMURA to start his own troupe. At the time, Shogeki looked for a new home base in the Kanto region with only six members. Later, they became popular in Kanto, and eventually they were honourably asked to perform at the opening of renovated Mokubakan Hall in 2014. In 2015, Ren Sawamura became the Leader and Shotaro Sawamura became the Guardian. The secret of their popularity is their ability to perform a wide range of plays, from classics to contemporary dramas as well as tear-jerking stories to swordplays. Their exceptionally friendly disposition never fails to please their dedicated fans.


Leader: Suzumaru Tachibana

Koryumaru Tachibana was born as a son of Kyoyakko Onoe, Leader of a female swordplay troupe. In the past, he won a national disco dance competition and worked as an employee of an apparel company. Eventually, he decided to be an actor, and after ten years of training under Shotaro Kinokuniya, he founded Tachibana Koryumaru Gekidan in 2001. Later, his son, Tatsumaru Tachibana, became the Young Leader and his daughter, Suzumaru Tachibana, became the star performer. In 2015, Tatsumaru left Tachibana Koryumaru Gekidan. In May 2015, Suzumaru assumed the title of Leader as one of the two troupe Leaders. She is known for her characteristic western-style costumes and has exceptional dance skills to make their innovative dance show quite popular. In February 2022, Koryumaru became General Manager and the troupe resumed under Suzumaru as Tachibana Koryumaru Gekidan – Suzugumi.


Leader: Kohtaro Hitomi
Leader: Tatsuya Kotono

Takao Hitomi and Yoko Kurenai founded Hitomi Gekidan. Their sons, Kohtaro Hitomi and Tatsuya Kotono, are the current Leaders. Previously, they toured in Kyushu and Kansai regions. However, in October 2021, they moved their base to the Kanto region. Hitomi Gekidan has performed at Shinohara Engeijo Hall to celebrate the new year for eleven years in a row, from 2007 to 2018, to be one of the representative troupes in the Kanto region. In 2017, they began performing in the Kansai region to attract new fans. Although their prominent member, Yoko Kurenai, affectionately called “Hachimaki Kachan (headband godmother)”, passed away in October 2021, their homely atmosphere remained unchanged. Currently, the troupe has nineteen members who are all known for their unique individual characteristics.


Leader: Tomoya Shihou
Vice Leader: Satoru Ichijo

Gekidan Bihou (beautiful phoenix) was founded in 2002 by Tomoya Shihou, who was born into a family of actors and trained as a child actor in various troupes. The troupe name, Gekidan Bihou, was given by Yoshihiro Shinohara, the Chairman of Tokyo Taishu Engeki Association, as he wished that “the troupe would continue to dance like a beautiful phoenix in the Taishu Engeki world”. Under the leadership of Tomoya Shihou, known for his acting skills, Gekidan Bihou has renewed its image as more young members join. The original plays written by Shizuka Ichijo, the Leader’s wife, are directed in a uniquely attractive style. The troupe’s future is bright by welcoming the Leader’s eldest son, Hanamichi Shihou, as their official member in April 2022.


Leader: Koyuji Matsukawa
Vice Leader: Ayumu Yamato

Gekidan Mimatsu’s roots are in the historical Enbi-za troupe, which was popular in the Kanto region. After Gekidan Matsu had been founded and was dissolved, Koyuji Matsukawa restarted the troupe under the name of Shin Kirakuza and became its Leader in 2014. Three years later, in June 2017, it was renamed as Gekidan Mimatsu. Gekidan Mimatsu has a variety of members under the leadership of Koyuji Matsukawa. The Leader, Koyuji says, “I’m dedicated to the art of performance. I just love the stage!”. Ayumu Yamato, the Vice Leader, has a gentle personality that has the healing effect on the audiences. Other prominent performers include, Yuya Minami, the star performer of Gekidan Kiku, his nephew Hanamaru Ichikawa and the brothers, Raiya and Shinya Fujikawa, who make special appearances. In addition to original plays, Gekidan Mimatsu’s innovative shows, which cover everything from classics to musicals, are also popular.