13 February 2023
Shinpu Project’s tenth performance  “Beauty and the Beast – The Proof”    


Tachibana Suzumaru, the leader of Tachibana Koryumaru Gekidan -Suzugumi, uses her unique beauty to play the role of the “Madonna”. The “Beast” is played by Masaki Sata of Bad Boys, who announced his first collaboration in Taishu Engeki (Japanese Pop Theatre). For one night only, enjoy the remarkable chemistry between the two prominent artists from the different genres of Taishu Engeki and comedy!

Written by Yu Murai 

Monday 13 February 2023
Matinee: 12:00 – 15:30 (open 11:15)
Soiree: 17:30 – 21:00 (open 16:45)

Suzumaru Tachibana (Tachibana Koryumaru Gekidan – Suzugumi)
Masaki Sata (Bad Boys) *special appearance

Hanamaru Ichikawa (Gekidan Mimatsu), Ataro Kurenai (Hitomi Gekidan), Kyoma Satomi (Gekidan Miyama), Shin’ya Fujikawa (Gekidan Mimatsu), Raiya Fujikawa (Gekidan Mimatsu), Koyuji Matsukawa (Gekidan Mimatsu), Haruma Mitsuya (Ohga-za), Yohjiro Mitsuya (Ohga-za), Yuya Minami (Gekidan Mimatsu), Ayumu Yamato (Gekidan Mimatsu), Nishiki Ryu (Gekidan Mimatsu) (in the Japanese syllabary order)

Backstage support: Tachibana Koryumaru Gekidan – Suzugumi

Lawson Ticket (first floor): JPY3,500 (including tax)
(Including the special voucher for Suzumaru Tachibana original plastic sleeve, which is to be exchanged on the day at the theatre.) 
Lawson Ticket (second floor): JPY2,500 (including tax)
(No special voucher included.)

Reserved seat: JPY3,000 (including tax)
Same-day ticket: JPY2,500 (including tax)

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