14 May 2023
Taishu Engeki Performance at the “Yanagawa Village Festival, Spring 2023”


A group of citizens of Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture had organised the “Yanagawa Murayakuba” (directly translated as the “Yanagawa Village Office”). Upon their request, Gekidan Soryu participated in the Yanagawa Village Festival. Gekidan Soryu was a Taishu Engeki theatrical troupe performing at the Sakai branch of the “Goroko no Yu” spa at that time.

The Festival was one of town’s revitalisation events, and the stage at the “Takasaki Denki Kan” was used for this performance. The Takasaki Denki Kan is known as one of the most nostalgic buildings in the area and normally operates as a cinema. On this occasion, many local people enjoyed the Taishu Engeki performance.

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