5 November 2022
A special Taishu Engeki performance was held at the Cool Japan EXPO in NIIGATA.


On 5 November 2022, a special Taishu Engeki performance was presented at the Cool Japan EXPO in NIIGATA, held at the Toki Messe Niigata Convention Center. Performers included Ryotaro Kazami, Shishimaru Kabuto, Ryo Kisaki, Hinata Kisaki, Suzumaru Tachibana, Akito Misaki, Hayato Misaki, Takahiro Mizusaki, Yuta Mizuhiro, Haruma Mitsuya, Yohjiro Mitsuya, Nishiki Ryu and Jun’ya Koikawa who was originally a Taishu Engeki stage actor. Famous actors from different troupes, the young and the more experienced, gathered for this event.
In addition to the thirteen actors above, five members of the band, HATENKOHRO, a fusion of the Japanese traditional culture and live performance, joined on this particular stage.

“The Dance and Music of Nishikigoi (coloured carps) – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter” was produced just for this once only occasion, and the rehearsal was held since two days prior. The programme opened with a spring dream spectacle, where the Oiran (the highest rank courtesan) appeared out of a giant umbrella, and presented picturesque scenes from Japan’s four seasons, followed by the lively traditional summer festival dances, and exquisite dance performance by four heart-throbbing young actors and breath-taking brisk and stylish sword fighting with up-tempo Western music. Furthermore, Shamisen (Japanese guitar) dance performed in Hakama (men’s traditional costumes) was followed by mystical travel scenes in the snow. Finally, the energetic group dance to the beat music of HATENKOHRO, “Tenbu Dohko (heaven dance, speedy drum beat), mesmerised the audience.
The glittering group performance in custom-made Nishikigoi costumes specially designed for the World Nishikigoi Summit, which was held concurrently with the Cool Japan EXPO, succeeded in enthralling the whole audience. At the finale, Ryotaro Kazami, the leader of the troupe that was performing at the Furumachi Engeijo Hall, made a speech to the crowd saying, “As you know we perform all over Japan, but currently we are performing in your town of Niigata’s Furumachi Engeijo Hall. Please come along and love Taishu Engeki!”

Later that day, “the Autumn Theatre Festival” was also performed at the Furumachi Engeijo Hall, which was a great success. Previously, an American photojournalist, who watched Taishu Engeki performance, was so impressed as to comment, “Taishu Engeki, to me, represents what I call ‘Cool Japan’. I’m surprised why more Japanese people aren’t proud of it as a representative culture. Their shows are just as good, if not more, as any other shows in Las Vegas I’ve seen.” This was the first time that Taishu Engeki participated in such a large-scale international expo. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities like this in future.